Monday, December 18, 2006

Zizzi top?

We had booked a table at Zizzi on Shad Thames as being Christmas week; it is bound to be heaving. But it seems that the world is out doing some last minute Christmas shopping and we have the place pretty much to ourselves. Obviously we select the table nearest the fireplace. Not that there’s a fire there but it seems the correct but cliqued thing to do on a winter day. This is my first Zizzi but my dining companion ZZ is on a self-proclaimed assignment to visit and evaluate all the known Zizzi’s and possibly some unknown. In particular, he wants to check out the pepperoni ratio to pizza on the Diavola in all the various Zizzi's. The Diavola comes with double pepperoni and ZZ has tried extra pepperoni (triple pepperoni) but today is back on JUST the double! ZZ bears no relation to any members of the famously bearded rock group I just asked him to choose an appropriate name for this blog and his currently mission being foremost in his mind encourages him to choose this one!

The thought of a Diavola slightly alarms me with any quantity of pepperoni so I go for a pappardelle with marinated chicken, field mushrooms, rosemary and a creamy Marsala sauce. It is very tasty and seems home made and miraculously I don’t cover myself in the sauce. Always a hazard! Apparently the Zizzi staff are programmed to up sell and it is true that every time you order something they throw in a few extra suggestions and even though we say we’re sticking to water they ask us if we want wine (again!) and more water (though we’ve hardly touched the other water at the time) It’s slightly odd but I guess that’s what they do. They encourage me to add a rocket salad to my pasta which was okay I guess.

ZZ felt that it wasn’t the best Diavola he’d had as now there wasn't enough pepperoni but he needs to make more studies before confirming his findings.

Next time I will try one of their famous pizzas and see how well they cope with the anti-tomato stance! I’d started to see non-tomato pizzas on various menus but at last glance Zizzi hadn’t taken that brave step. And I can’t reconfirm on their website as it seems to have gone - completely! How mysterious!

I finished with a fine lemon tart that ZZ couldn’t be persuaded to partake of the tiniest bite (how disciplined!) but it was a fitting end to a pretty good meal.

I want to give Zizzi one 1 ½ forks but that isn’t possible and the more I think of the up selling, it is actually rather irritating! So I’ll give them a high one fork and re-evaluate on next visit.

Update - Their website seems to be back, obviously they were having a moment!

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Greg said...

Not yet been to Zizzi, I've been told their pizzas are really good. I normally head to a Prezzo restaurant whose pizzas I really like and there's also the fact that it's really easy to find a voucher for a meal there which makes it more thabn reasonable.