Thursday, August 23, 2007

Reaching a Plateau

The lovely K and I are entertaining clients at Plateau. There isn’t a plethora of client entertaining possibilities at Canary Wharf so K has several meals booked here. Let’s hope she enjoys it today or I guess she’ll be changing her booking to the Gourmet Pizza Company instead and I’m not entirely sure her guests would be deeply impressed about that. Luckily we were well looked after. There’s a good sized menu with a slight predominance on fish and a slight nod (or should that be bow) in an Asian direction.
It was rather difficult to choose as several of their dishes would have gone down very well. I could have plumped for Loch Fyne smoked salad, brioche or dressed crab, green apple, rye for starter but I went for the rather tasty foie gras roulade, strawberries, basil instead. I rtaher liked the witty use of strawberries.
For main I dithered between dover sole stuffed with crab, pea sauce or Barbary duck, cherries, cucumber salad but finally opted for suckling pig, potatoes, with summer truffle emulsion, minted peas. We contemplated the idea of suckling pig; T had been tempted but conjured up images of a bronzed glistening whole pig rotating slowly over some sizzling flames. As it was this was the neatest presentation of suckling pig I’ve ever seen, a perfect round mound of chopped porky morsels topped with crispy curly pigtails of pork crackling. And it was very meaty, intense and very tasty.
Sadly our clients T and M had to leave promptly after we’d enjoyed the main course leaving K and I to dabble in the desserts by ourselves. Again there were some interesting choices but I was drawn to the blood orange and carrot sorbet, chocolate mousse and almond nougatine. The sorbet was a stunning orange against the chocolate brown (very 70’s!) with very un-70’s shards of nougatine and crisp biscuit.
We had a delicious meal at Plateau with some vibrant and colourful presentations. I think K will be okay tomorrow for take 2!

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