Friday, August 03, 2007

A quick meal before the Tivoli

We still have more of Copenhagen to discover. We have booked a canal cruise followed by an exploration of the Tivoli Gardens. First we have to have a speedy dinner so as we can get on our way so we are moved to another table with others who are heading for a canal boat and presented with a cut down menu. The couple we are sat with has the terrible misfortune of their car breaking down on the way to the port and despite them having a taxi rush them to Harwich they got to see us sail away. They then had to switch to plan B and get a flight to Denmark but as they hadn’t packed for flying they knew they wouldn’t be able to fly with the entire luggage they had packed for their special anniversary cruise. So unfortunately they had to leave much behind. They definitely weren’t enjoying their cruise so far.

We had to be swift so we forgo the starter as Grilled Vegetable Antipasti plate and Assorted Summer Lettuce doesn’t particularly delight and we go straight for the Cream of Potato Soup with Bacon then Roast Leg of Lamb Infused with Rosemary Sprigs and a hint of Garlic Served with Gratin Potatoes with Snow Peas, Baton Carrots and Natural Pan Juices.

And for a rapid dessert it was Fresh Fruit Crepe with Caramel Sauce.

The canal cruise was very informative albeit slightly damp and then we headed for the Tivoli Gardens. I didn’t really know what to expect, I know it’s a popular place and thought it may be a little like Kew Botanical Gardens but tonight Copenhagen certainly seemed out in force and I am guessing it can’t just be for the local flora. It transpired that there was a huge rock concert taking place in the centre of the complex which certainly bumped up the numbers.

Our plan was to explore and find a suitable spot to sit and grab a drink and just enjoy the gardens. Tivoli is an “amusement park and pleasure garden” so even though they do have some fine specimens of flowers, the other guests definitely had more Bacchanalian pursuits in mind. We really struggled to find a good spot for a coffee, a tea or something even stronger. Though beer would not have been a problem at all, you couldn’t walk a few paces without stumbling upon a beer vendor.

Despite there being a multitude of places to dine and drink in the gardens we wander around somewhat fruitlessly for somewhere we wanted to grab a little bite and a sitdown. So we decide on our return to the ship to visit the Palm Court and investigate the Scandinavian Snacks. I select a plate of some sort of beetroot and meat thing. Hmmm, huge mistake! It’s just not nice!

So farewell to Copenhagen, next stop Stockholm. Mmmm Potatis Gratang, I wonder if I'll be lucky?

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