Friday, April 06, 2007

Deep in the Depot

I'd been trying to recall the details of a particular place I'd spotted on the web for D and I to grab a bite to refuel whilst we were furiously shopping in Cambridge but typically I couldn't remember its name. But armed with a few bags we spotted a stairwell leading to the underground Depot, I had a momentary flash of remembrance and we descended. It has just recently been refurbished and looks great with the heavy wrought iron pointy back chairs and white walls. We couldn't fathom out the art though, it looked somewhat incongruous and rather tacky but hey, we're here to eat so who cares about the pictures!

Just to be awkward we decided to share some whitebait from the tapas menu and as tasty as they were I wouldn't call them the "sexily simple whitebait" a rather gushing reviewer of Gordon Ramsay's new venture, the Narrow pub in Limehouse raved about! I can't remember when I last had whitebait and ours had a fabulous grilled lemon slice which gives it a smoky sweetness.
After our little fishes, I can't decide between the fish pie or cottage pie so I consult our rather dishy waiter. He proposes the cottage pie and his recommendation plus the mention on the menu of those magic words "topped with cheesy mash" sway my decision. D selects the grilled chicken as she in hankering for some chips.

We are both very happy with our respective choices in fact all the food we are seeing coming out to the little tables looked very fine. The chicken was wonderfully moist and the cottage pie delicious with plenty of very we’ll dressed salad. An excellent choice by our waiter! We were going to share a mint chocolate chip ice cream, studded with marshmallows and drenched in hot chocolate sauce but D still had two days left of not eating chocolate so she had the one marshmallow not to have been "tainted" with chocolate and wondered if she could eat the mint ice cream between the chocolate chips, but apparently that doesn't really work. So unfortunately I was "forced" to have it all to myself!

We are really surprised to see how big the place is on the way to the toilets, it seems to go on forever.
We were very happy with our new two-forked ‘break from the rigours of shopping’ Cambridge eatery but were surprised to find when I consulted on arriving home that Depot wasn't the place I'd been intending to suggest. But wha
t the restaurant was called that I'd thought would be a good bet remains a mystery as I can't find the merest trace of the review of it I read last week!

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