Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Easter bunny cometh!

I’d really set my heart on an Easter bunny though admittedly the Easter bunny I had in mind was in a mustard and creamy cider sauce. However, despite Nigella having a rather intriguingly named recipe for Hot Cross Bunny in her Feast cookbook (though as it’s a curry I would personally never make it!) it seems that it’s a terrible time of year for rabbit. I can only assume that they’re busy delivering the chocolate Easter eggs to all and sundry (!) or as the purveyor of fine bunny meat said – you don’t want to eat them when they’re breeding as the flesh is all milky. Though surely rabbits breed all the time don’t they?

Hmmm, so I have to console myself with getting D this rather fetching chocolate bunny from the Chocolate Alchemist instead. She’s got me a mug for Easter, a lovely black a white be-hearted one that can live in my Cambridge pad! And in honour of it being Easter Sunday I drink the chocolate tea in it from Teapigs (those of the very fine silk tea temple), which is slightly unusual but also rather nice! They recommend having the chocolate tea with milk or cream but that is never going to happen. Ever!

If I can’t have a hot cross bunny I’ll have to make do with a hot cross bun in its place, though I’d almost forgotten how good a toasted (it has to be) hot cross bun dripping with butter is. Happy Easter to everyone!

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Linda said...

what a lovely line up. happy belated easter!