Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Happy bloganniversary to me!

Yes, I’ve been blogging for one year today!

This blog was born just randomly on a late night at the computer as I just wanted to see what blogging was all about. Initially I kept it a secret, and only accidentally let the existence slip to D and M after about six weeks of random solo scribbling about food related stuff. When I added ‘my fork musings’ to google, I started getting more visitors and I in turn visited their sites. Blogging has completely exceeded my expectations, I’ve virtually met so many fascinating people many of whom also have their own little (and often large) food blogs. And it’s not all in cyberspace, I’ve met people through blogging and then in person. I’ve taken part in some fantastic online events, sent and receive secret foodie parcels (and there's another out that that I am anxious to hear about its whereabouts) and had one of the food photographs illustrating one of my posts distinguished.

One of the reasons I wanted to log all the restaurant visits and record the food I’ve loved and loathed was to assist with my annual restaurant reviews for Harden’s. I received my questionnaire for the 2007 guide yesterday and I will be able to astonish them with the new found level of detail I can recall and if they were remotely interested (which they won’t be) I could even give each restaurant a fork rating!

Over the last twelve months, I’ve probably extolled the virtues of the finest mash potatoes too often and remonstrated against the evil tomato on too many others. I’ve championed the sublime cooking of Gordon Ramsay and Jeremy Lee and many other worthy food magicians. I’ve disagreed with John Torode and Gregg Wallace on many occasions, helped bring the Great British Menu to life in Cambridge, supplemented my extensive crockery collection, discovered the joy of espresso cups (without ever drinking coffee) and flicked through the odd cookbook.

And in honour of all those 380 posts, I know that’s rather scary, I have baked a little cake. Actually even I wouldn't bake a cake just for my blog, that's a little sad - I was baking anyway but that’s another story. And yet another story is that my adorable heart shaped extremely chocolaty cake will remain uneaten. No, not the merest crumb will pass my lips! And the reason for this unaccustomed behaviour will be revealed on another day. Though feel free to speculate, but I'm positive that you’ll never guess!
Update: Okay, maybe it's easy to guess what went wrong with all my cakes, D got it right immediately! I will reveal all when I am less traumatised!


DD said...

Happy 1st B'day HFWT!

And big love to the author!


Anonymous said...

Dear J

I have enjoyed following your random musings over the last year. I have re-lived some shared culinary delights and look forward to sharing many more. I have also been introduced to some other interesting blogs. Keep blogging darling J.

Love M x

Brilynn said...

Congrats on a year! I'm approaching that date myself and I've just been amazed by the whole sense of community that food bloggers have created.