Thursday, April 05, 2007

Cambridge and pie!

Fortunately D had some left over shortcrust pastry from making a beef and Guinness pie so she decided to put it to excellent use to make a Tamasin Day Lewis cheese tart from her Art of the Tart book. And a slice of tasty cheese tart with a green salad was the perfect antidote after all that chocolate. Though of course the recently wheeled (metaphorically speaking!) LLcT felt it was somewhat lacking in meat but we promised to appease him by getting the barbeque out for the first time this year.
With smoky treats in mind we get out Charles Campion's excellent Food from the Fire and get our juices flowing by poring over pictures of chicken livers on rosemary skewers and fine slabs of charred meat. We discussed the culinary plans for the long weekend and the first step was decided - send MC off to Mr Knibbs for a kilo of minced fillet and one of his finest butterflied lambs and possibly other sundry meaty comestibles that took his fancy.
That should satisfy T for a while in fact all of us, I think we're going to have a rather tasty Easter.

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