Friday, April 20, 2007


I am so pleased Jeremy Lee triumphed in the Scottish heat of Great British Menu. I was totally on tenterhooks watching it tonight. His winning menu is:
- Crab cakes and mustard mayonnaise
- Scottish seafood broth
- Fillet steak, pickled walnuts and horseradish
- Shortcake layered with raspberries and cream

Jeremy had reduced his crab cakes to be more reasonably petite for a four course menu and also swapped his enormous seafood salad to a slightly smaller broth. I was surprised how unimpressed the judges were with his fillet steak but each to their own!
When Matthew Fort described Nick Nairn's Cranachan dessert as "repellent" and Oliver Peyton said "ill-conceived " and "the worse thing he has ever eaten!" I was worried they'd still put him through and this awful dessert would join the last two finalists' desserts which they had also severely criticised.
They were extraordinarily disgusted with Sat Bain's Raspberry sponge with black olive and honey puree, fresh raspberries and goats' milk ice cream (though I was delighted and not surprised, and not just because I detest goats' cheese but because it sounded awful!) and they seemed to think that Bryn Williams' strawberry soufflé was a dreadful idea.
Next week the fabulous Richard Corrigan is up against a new pretender Noel McMeel to the Northern Irish crown. Being a huge fan of Richard Corrigan's sublime food I know where my vote lies!

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