Friday, April 20, 2007

The king of fishcakes!

I spotted a fabulous new little treat in the chiller cabinet of Waitrose - H. Forman's Lobster and Salmon Gourmet Fishcakes. I guess I'd been particularly receptive to fishcakes after watching Jeremy Lee making his mouth-watering crab fishcakes on the Great British Menu on Monday.
I am a huge fan of H. Forman's salmon, they fish for their Scottish salmon in the River Tay and smoke it at their premises in East London. And most importantly, it's extremely tasty!

So with their legendary salmon combined with some plump lobster morsels, no breadcrumbs, the merest trace of egg and a little potato these could be extremely fine fish cakes. And they were, they're precooked so they only need warming in the oven for 5 minutes (or a microwave if you must) - fantastic fast food! Though even though I'm not crazy about heating them in a microwave it does mean I could enjoy these fishcakes at work should I have the urge, which I am sure I will - as I don't think I can ever persuade them to install a six burner range and double oven in our little kitchen!
The large flakes of moist salmon and delicious chunks of lobster with just the slightest of coatings (probably just lightly floured and pan-fried) all accompanied with a nice, crisp green salad - really the king of fishcakes. Probably next time I'd only serve one because they are lusciously plump and I only managed two as I had to forego lunch today, so was pretty hungry. And I am also delighted to see that I can add some to my next Ocado delivery, that makes them doubly convenient and attractive. It suggests on the packet to enjoy with a Champagne sauce, that sounds a good idea. Or maybe a light lemon sauce would go down well, the salmon fishcakes of Gary Rhodes that I admired so much on my first visit to City Rhodes (sadly no more) was served with a sublime lemon butter sauce. Well we'll see how I am inspired next time.

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