Wednesday, May 30, 2007

To the Max

When I suggested taking some clients for lunch in Covent Garden I didn't really know where to start. One can hardly walk around Covent garden without tripping over a restaurant or someone who has sprayed themselves silver and standing motionless on a silver box, but that's a different matter! I haven't eaten in Covent Garden for such a long time so I don't really have a list of favourite eateries to frequent but after a little research I came across Brasserie Max in the Covent Garden Hotel which I thought would fit the bill perfectly.
And it was a good choice! Brasserie Max is a light airy place (how refreshing to be bathed in natural light and being able to see our food for a change) that opens directly onto the street with curvy mirrors and a touch of art nouveau. The chairs are ornate little bucket seats with the emphasis on little. Though fearing that we could get stuck in one they happily swapped them for a chair less figure-hugging. And it was possibly a good idea because there was Valrhona fondant on the horizon. But first we had to select our main courses. We eschewed starters for the very same Valrhona dipped reason.
One of today's special was lamb with rosemary jus on a bed of champ. And after pondering a rather tasty selection on the menu and toying momentarily with the steak clearly the champ swung it for me. And another wise choice, the lamb was excellent, pink and perfect. The champ was not disappointing and the jus was really tasty with a good strong flavour. And being a connoisseur of the odd crockery piece, I rather liked the little reclining on a chaise longue man on each plate. C seemed to enjoy here spring-in-a-bowl risotto and S his plump looking steak.
And to finish off our meal and the merest of glances at the menu it was Valrhona chocolate fondant and raspberry ice cream for each of us. We had to wait for 15 minutes but good things come to those who wait and it was very good. Very, very good!
I really enjoyed our meal at Brasserie Max, I would like to return and sample their apparently fine cocktails and if they do an afternoon tea I would like to give that a spin. It's got the look of a French salon so I think a crustless cucumber sandwich would fit in very nicely. Two forks I think for Brasserie Max.

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