Saturday, May 05, 2007

From the back of the storecupboard

This is the kind of I-haven't-had-time-to-shop sort of snack I like, it's based on a long-lost friend's favourite toast topper - a can of tuna, an egg, grated Cheddar cheese and seasoning. He may have added other more exotica but that's lost to me in the mist of time. The drained tuna, cheese and whole egg are mixed in a little bowl. The mixture is rather sticky! Fortunately I have some emergency slices of toasting bread in the freezer so these were deployed and lightly toasted.
The sort of tuna-melt mixture is cooked under the grill; with the egg it needs more cooking than a plain cheese on toast. It should have remembered this and ensured the sticky mixture covered every bit of the toast surface before popping under the grill; as I'm not a fan of the carbonised crunchy corners (though M would probably think that was the best bit!)

It's good and filling and will stave off the pangs before I hit the shops. Another almost forgotten favourite!

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