Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday at Gerard's place

I hadn't planned to have a lunch out today but the traffic is so bad in the city I fail totally to get back to the office and I was hungry. Luckily I was passing a Chez Gerard and one of their finest plate of steak frites started calling to me. And it seemed rude to resist!
This is my idea of fast food, speedy but extremely tasty. And with béarnaise also. What more could I desire?
Ummmm, chocolate maybe! And luckily Chez Geard can help me that as well. Their petit pot au chocolat, the pure and simple dark Valrhona chocolate mousse with a cornucopia of toppings fits the bill perfectly. As well as a pot of unctuous chocolate mousse you get another petit pot of tart raspberry purée, fruit apricots and toasted chopped hazelnuts. A little dessert buffet if you will.
I guess not being able to get back to the office wasn't such a huge disaster today!

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