Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Where have we been?

The other J and I having been planning to 'do lunch' since she came back from her former bump leave but she only does Thursdays and Thursdays are always a little frantic for me. Fortunately this week Wednesday is the new Thursday so we we thought we'd hot-foot it down to an old haunt - Chuzzlewits, to grab some tasty salad, risotto or something heartier. Imagine our disappointment when it appeared to be closed, the restaurant has a sister snack shop that makes sandwiches, salads and has a few dishes of cooked dishes they can heat up a portion of. The staff we recognised from Chuzzlewits and I told them how surprised we'd been to find it closed and wondered if there was a problem. They said they'd closed in October and asked us, "Where had we been?" And that's a good question, the other J has a good excuse as she's been on baby duties but I'm not sure where I've been. I blame H, we used to visit on high days and birthdays but since she's on post-bump monitoring she hasn't exactly been available.
Well at least I got a nice plate of extremely lemony chicken with some mash and we had a table to sit around and an opportunity to put the world to rights for a bit. Obviously the most crucial need!
And the good news is that they hope to reopen Chuzzlewits again in June, and the even better news is that this time the non-smokers can have the best seats, bags I get the first banquette!

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