Saturday, May 19, 2007


There has been some sort of egg renaissance recently. When I check out the egg shelves in Waitrose there are not just stacked with boxes of Clarence Court happy hen eggs like my beloved golden Old Cotswold Legbar and free-to-fly quail eggs but Burford Browns, Gladys May 's Braddock Whites and even mixed variety boxes. I don't think I'd ever tasted a duck's egg before so last weekend D and I thought we'd try the Gladys May's Braddock White duck eggs and see how well they'd poach. They turned out to be slightly milder and of course bigger than a hen's egg and very tasty indeed. We'd intended to impale them with some steamed local spears of asparagus and the fat duck's golden yolk would have been perfect with asparagus, but we had used the rest of the batch the night before. So we went for the simpler option of happy duck eggs and on top of just past blonde toast, that nasty black toast would have spoilt the delicate duck eggy flavour. Well I think so anyway!

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Brilynn said...

LOVE that photo!