Friday, August 11, 2006

Chez J and Chez Lindsay

D & MC have come to spend a weekend chez J for our regular obligatory orgy of food and wine. We have tickets for one of the open-air Jools Holland concerts in the park and I have promised a posh picnic for the occasion. Bearing in mind all the cooking tomorrow we opt for eating out and find a table at Chez Lindsay.
Chez Lindsay serves seafood and galettes (buck wheat pancakes), “the twin glories of Breton cooking” and it is always a pleasure to eat here. I haven’t visited for ages – not since I came with S & C and have always wanted a trip with D & MC after we joined the long queues at ‘Viva la France’ a few years ago to taste their galettes and found them the star of the show. We started with sharing a big bowl of Moules à la St. Malo which is mussels in a fabulous white wine, cream and thyme sauce and lashings of fine French bread so we could mop up every last bit of the divine creamy sauce. Then galettes all round, super complète for MC (which is ham, cheese, egg, tomatoes, mushrooms and onion), D went for my old favourite of St. Jacques (queen scallops and leeks) and I went for galette au saumon fume which was lots of smoked salmon and a delicious chive cream sauce. We finished off with chocolate, honey and ginger ice cream and a couple of spoons.
A magnificent French meal and well deserved of the deux fourchettes. I also reconsidered Café du Marche and feel I didn’t reward their extremely tasty scallops and black pudding risotto and honeyed duck confit enough - deux fourchettes for them also. Now let’s hope I can conjure up a suitably fabulous picnic tomorrow.

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