Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Because of my continued desire for smoked salmon and cream cheese I was delighted to discover that the bagel emporium Bagels Already situated on my local train station platform that I must have walked by at least a thousand times does very fine bagels indeed. I've never had a bagel from there only because I didn't realise how lovely their bagels are and generally I don't eat bagels. But I may have to reconsider this tasty treat. I received a toasted bagel freshly topped with cream cheese, smoked salmon, a squirt of lemon and black pepper and I didn’t miss my train. The toasted bagel really made a difference, I know this will mark me as deprived but I've never had a toasted bagel before! My only experience of them was watching H furiously trying to toast her bagel in the dilapidated toaster of the curious suite hotel in deepest NJ on our annual IS pilgrimage. I was fairly sure that any moment the bagel, the toaster or the hotel would burst into flames. Fortunately this didn't happen but an alarm went off and we beat a hasty retreat. I can't recall the fate of the bagel; it may be still stuck in the toaster! Now I know the joy of a toasted bagel, it may well be me coaxing the same dilapidated toaster into action next month!


Anonymous said...

As a native New Yorker, I have to say, if you have to toast the bagel it's not a good bagel. :-)

J said...

I feel truly chastised – clearly I have a lot to learn about bagels!
I will test some 'good' bagels in New York next month and see if I can tell the difference.