Friday, August 04, 2006

The divas' NY tour

I have been making some enquiries in readiness for my trip to New York in September. I have two restaurants currently on my hit list for required dining in New York – no.1 – the yet unopened Gordon Ramsay at The London and no.2 but frankly a magnificent second is Per Se. I was concerned that London wasn’t going to be open in time for my visit but I picked up some useful information from our very attentive waiter at Petrus and hope that I can secure an early table at their ‘soft opening’. I have sent off an email in a hope that we can join the front of the queue so I will just have to cross my figures that they are indeed finished in time. Per Se is Thomas Keller’s (he of the outstanding French Laundry fame) new restaurant in New York. If I can get either booking I am sure we’ll have a dazzling meal!
It will also be my birthday that weekend so I think I really need to have the dining experience of my dreams! I will be accompanied by the one and only fabulous DD from Sydney, who also coincidentally has a birthday the same week so it’s going to be viva la diva! I will be digging the most sparkliest stuff out as we aim to impress. Will I get to go to the ball? Watch this space!


DD said...

J, DD is most excited about our NY weekend! Cannot wait to get dressed up and gobble divine dishes with my fave London gal! DDx

J said...

We are just going to sparkle! I can't wait also!

DD said...

Mmmmnnn, what shall I wear? I'll bring one of my gorgeous Italian suits and a selection of ties to match my mood on the night. Diva-nation! DDx