Wednesday, June 28, 2006

C'est la vie

Another client meal but as I got to choose the restaurant, I plumped for Café Rouge (funnily enough just round the corner from Wagamamma’s). And a fine choice it was as well. We started off with some fat garlic doughy bread sticks just swimming in a garlicky butter. I had the chicken liver parfait again with the red onion and plum chutney (if it ain’t broke…). And despite the lure of the steak, I plumped for a Paupiette de Poulet which is a chicken breast stuffed with Brie, wrapped in jambon cru served with lovely fluffy risolée potatoes, French beans and an oregano & mustard sauce. Very good choice! And we share a yummy chocolate dessert and the crème brûlée. The service was a little slow, obviously keeping up with the French bistro theme, but I couldn’t fault the food. Not an elegant gourmet meal but fine reliable bistro fare, it can’t be beaten. Well I guess we could be in France and we could have accompanied it all with a fruity glass of red or two, but instead we have to go back to work and it all gets washed down with Evian instead. C’est la vie!

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