Monday, June 26, 2006

The final wing!

H’s bump demanded it’s favourite feast of KFC hot wings today. The bump has been craving a wider variety of foodstuffs in the last month or so, but occasionally harks back to its staple diet during its first trimester. Curiously both H and I decided that the wings didn’t settle well and declare a moratorium on all things from the hallowed portals of the Colonel, at least for the time being. D, MC & T declared a similar thought recently. It all tasted just a little bit greasy and the heavy feeling lingered all afternoon. I’ve never been a regular visitor but it’s always been a very occasional meal when fast food is required and those thirteen special herbs and spices call me. But no not today, one of those thirteen made me feel decidedly odd and I can’t see the craving returning for a long time. Ah well RIP KFC, it was good knowing you.

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