Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Vive la France!

I happened to be passing a Café Rouge today and feeling a little peckish I decided to avail myself of the set lunch menu – an extremely tasty paté followed by a gruyere and ham omelette. Pretty much a perfect lunch! Well I guess a glass a wine would have finished it off but not on a school day! However the day was not over and to continue a day of Francophile delights I booked a table at the local Chez Gerard for the team. This meant that I was able to indulge in lashings of gorgeous bread (Chez Gerard do very good bread!) dipped in a baked Camembert followed by a meat feast of steak, chicken and pork chop accompanied by a very fine mashed potato and a mouthful or so of melting middle chocolate pudding with H, though to be honest the middle wasn’t very melting! Then I could do nothing but roll home. Vive la France!

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