Friday, June 09, 2006

The Urban Chef

Wow, that Oliver Rowe sure has set himself a challenge. I have been watching him all week attempt to source his ingredients for his new restaurant venture from with in the M25, from locations he can get to by tube. What a seriously brave man! I have resisted Googling him to see how successful he has been and will wait for it to unfold on BBC2. The vegetables seem to be okay but he definitely needs to make friends with some younger more egg exuding chickens. And if the only cheese he is able to rustle up is goat – then it will be a very sad cheese board indeed. I cannot get my head around goat’s cheese, it’s just plain nasty! Anyway we shall have to wait and see if the great metal chain shortage of King’s Cross results in hugely successful venture and will his poor suffering girlfriend ever see him again.

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