Thursday, June 08, 2006

I scream for Ice Cream

H and I decided that some sustenance was in order before we tackled the ‘hen night’. I eagerly succumbed to the cheap allure of hot wings but on the way I had a yen for ice cream. Now this is unfortunate! For many years the cool parlour of Haagen Dazs would sooth me as I passed and I never entered its hallowed portal, I never partook of its icy comestibles and now, when I really need it, its gone! I feel bad that I never supported them, the time just never seemed right. I blame the location, I generally only passed by on the way to a restaurant, most likely a Conran establishment so it seemed somewhat churlish if not downright greedy to pop in. But now I have a very strong desire and what do I have to sate myself with – a KFC McWhippy style Avalanche. I scream indeed!

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