Saturday, June 24, 2006

Saturday Decisions - Cooks or Kitchen?

Well AWT has departed to pastures new – the dark side perhaps and his spot has been filled with James Martin. Hmmm, what to watch? In the interests of academic study I watched both the new AWT offering (Saturday Cooks) and the new Saturday Kitchen on BBC1 with James. I always enjoyed having Saturday Kitchen on in the background of a Saturday morning – perfect to potter to. I’d normally pay attention to the Gary Rhodes exerts and less so to Delia and of course – no adverts! Now that Anthony has switched channels you’ve got much better prizes to the frankly embarrassingly easy competition (no change there then!) but there are so many breaks and of course ITV don’t have this huge back catalogue of excellent cookery shows so it’s more AWT and his guests and adverts instead! James has a new slot of a guest (celebrity) eater who regales us with food reminiscence, very dull if you’re not interested in the guest and at the end the viewers choose the final meal – either Heaven or Hell for the guest. The only thing that really surprised me about that is that ITV have a new Sunday morning magazine/cooking show that has exactly the same feature with exactly the same name. Spooky! AWT has a new twist on the viewers’ choice at the end of the show and the chefs’ ingredients are selected by a one armed bandit (fruit machine not an injured Mexican) to spice it up a little. The bandit selected soy sauce for all three chefs (maybe they had overbought on soy and had a glut) and the two guest chefs Jean-Christophe Novelli and Brian Turner were selected exactly the same ingredients. Double spooky!
I think I’m leaning to the BBC offering but I may record both and fast forward through the ads and/or celebrity chit-chat if required. Thank God for Sky+.

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