Monday, June 12, 2006

Salad days

Today is a salad day, it is a serious hot sultry day and I went in search of lamb’s lettuce and as much as I love lamb’s lettuce I am not crazy about the name. Do I suspect that it might as well be called namby-pamby lettuce or girlie lettuce as lamb’s lettuce? It’s lettuce for lightweights, for those who can’t cope with the more grown-up rocket or peppery watercress. I suspect sometimes that the ‘bitter’ part of my palate was omitted. Consider the evidence – I have never been able to get my head around coffee, beer always made my taste buds object and I am convinced that this is also the reason I demand blond toast and not the burnt offerings some favour! So it’s effeminate, limb lettuce for me but I may come over all French and call it mâche (pronounced mahsh!) And as you know, I am always happy to come over all French!

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