Wednesday, June 21, 2006


A client lunch beckons at Wagamamas. Not my favourite option considering my thoughts on noodles. I have enough of them wafting over from the flame haired H’s desk, slimy looking things with a very distinctive (and in my opinion) synthetic, nasty smell. I feel I have to do some research so I don’t go hungry or rush out of the restaurant screaming. After a glance at the Wagama website I opt for the mandarin, chicken and sesame seed salad. It sounds mostly harmless avoiding the twin evils of rice and noodles albeit rather dull. The duck in a dipping sauce (duck gyoza) sounds okay and does come recommended, I can’t see anything else that isn’t really me so dull chicken salad it is. I’ve had two lovely salads this week made by my own fair hands and somehow I think these will be the finest salads I eat this week. Well onward to new food experiences, this is what it is supposed to be about. H recommended a chicken ramen which is chicken and noodles in a thin broth. She declares is not really tasting of anything, which seems a rather odd recommendation. Bring on that bowl of hot slimy stuck that tastes of well, nothing. No, I don’t think so! It turns out that my initial reservations were right, it’s not an ideal place for a client lunch as it’s a little noisy. The salad was too soy and vinegary and also bland and boring. The duck was very nice though and if forced to visit Wagamama’s again, this is all I am having. The pineapple ice lolly for dessert was really refreshing also and took away that soy taste that I didn’t like. No sorry to all the bowls of noodles lovers, this is not making my top ten, not even top one hundred. Though never fear, I hope to have some fine food from the fire tonight!

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