Friday, June 30, 2006


What a fabulous idea! Square Pie are holding a World Cup Pie competition. For each team in the world cup they have created a pie in their honour to accompany their normal menu. For example England has 'Steak & onions in ale', Australia has a 'Kangaroo pie' and Argentina has 'Corned beef, onion & potato'. They are available on the day that the relevant matches are taking place. Each of the world cup pies sold is equivalent to a goal and the most goal-scoring pie will win the competition. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to partake of this fine feast but if I think I’d plump for the French one - Beef bourgonion (though I think I'd spell it Beef Bourguignon!) It will be interesting to see who wins the world cup this year, England won in 2002 and I believe they are favourite again (I do mean pie and not football team here - I am not dillusional!)

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