Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Sex on a stick!

It was the cook book club at the Blue Print Café again and this time as a hopeful nod to summer season, it was a barbeque. Charles Campion was presenting some tasty morsels from his new cookbook Food from Fire and lubricated with lashings of Champagne, we were fed extremely well. No burnt offerings, no sausages (not that I would have complained) and no dry up excuses of beef burgers. I can honestly say that the chicken livers skewered onto rosemary branches and lightly seared so that the insides were like the finest liver parfait were so unbelievably sublime I felt they should come with a health warning. Be still my beating heart! And a huge surprise was that the goat’s cheese was actually okay, nowhere near as good as most of the other food, but very edible nonetheless! The lamb was fabulous and charred from the sticky marinade and the Stinking Bishop and Gooseberry Fool were also seriously good. That’s another dessert that I wouldn’t have ever chosen as I’ve never been particularly partial to gooseberry but Jeremy Lee yet again performed some alchemy and produced a light, cleansing and zingy pudding. Well done Jeremy!
Worcestershire spare ribs
Malay chicken tikka
Rosemary chicken livers
Asofoetida kebabs
Devilled kidneys
Goat’s cheese in vine leaf parcels
Salt bath Sardines
Butterflied shoulder of lamb served with roast beets and horseradish cream, fattoush salad with grilled English asparagus
Stinking Bishop cheese
Gooseberry fool served with Auntie Lena’s Ginger Biscuits

And it didn’t rain! I can’t normally experience a barbeque without rain. Charles said that this was posh barbeque food; maybe it wouldn’t dare rain on a posh barbeque!

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