Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Alphabetically speaking

Well let’s start with A. A is typically for Apple and I’ve realised I missed off Apples. Another oversight I think. Anyway to continue:

- That amazing fresh pasta filled with a poached egg on top of roasted vegetables sat on an artichoke heart that I ate on my first visit to Rhodes in the City.
- A huge globe filled with a cheese soufflé that I did with Nicky on my first sojourn in Normandy.
- A pizza with roasted artichoke, smoked chicken on a pesto base baked in a wood burning oven

- wrapped in silky pink slices of Parma ham and dipped in a soft boiled egg
- on a puff pastry tart with Taleggio, simply made with no custard
- asparagus coated in creamy Hollandaise


Dave said...

Ashes, the crunchy bits adhering to the thin sliver of something that slipped through the BBQ grill but deftly recovered and placed on your plate to be eateb with corn on the cob after several glasses of Austrlian red.

J said...

Hello Dave, I don't think I've ever had anyone comment on my blog before. I didn't know that anyone (apart from the one person I've told (D)) knows it even exists.
And thank you for an extra 'A' - a very satifactory addition. I have a lot more 'B's, please feel free to add your own!

Bon appetit! J