Monday, June 12, 2006

Another cookbook!

My shiny new Roald Dahl’s Cookbook arrived today – well actually last week but I wasn’t around to collect (just in case I am casting aspersions as to the speed of Play’s delivery). It does indeed look like another gem – thank you Simon, one of those that you read and savour. It is books like both of these that make me almost glad when the journey home is mysteriously extended! Almost glad! I think I say that it has soul. I flicked through it whilst having my lunch – the aforementioned mâche with hot smoked salmon crusted with mustard seeds, pale rosy strips of Parma ham and lashing of Balsamic.
It reminds me of the book that started this whole crazy cookbook collection off. It was Alistair Little Keep it Simple. I stumbled across it whilst staying with a friend and was so impressed by the chatty style and food. I mean a pizza that wasn’t supposed to have tomato on it – Pizza Bianca – I thought he must be a God! I was just so overwhelmed with the simplicity and the style. I had been used to the Good Housekeeping school of recipes – very reliable but somehow so dull! Here was a man who talked about food with passion and I was hooked. Therefore is it all Alistair’s fault! Maybe I should dig out the original catalyst and whip up something in his honour, a project for this week.

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