Sunday, August 16, 2009

Holiday. Celebrate!

I may have to take it all back, our unpredictable British weather has done good and the sun is out and the sky is blue. I would illustrate this with a snap of suitably sun drenched North Norfolk fields but am struggling with posting pictures to my blog remotely so the on-the-spot pictorial reportage will have to wait until I'm back on home turf. (update - Yey... back to civilisation) But there is no doubt that the golden rays have imbued the day with the holiday spirit and even made us think that perhaps we should have packed that sunscreen after all.
The day started with breakfast that soon became brunch in the popular new canvas topped trellised and ribbed eatery at Drove Orchards. Though perhaps a little too popular as it turned out because the sudden influx of breakfast demanding holidaymakers descending upon their jolly restaurant meant they quickly reached their sausage and bacon sizzling capacity and we had a long stomach gnawing wait for our full English.
They were awfully nice about it however and as MC availed himself of their excellent coffee D and I tried to distract ourselves with the Sunday papers, wondering where in the queue we were and hoping it would be worth the wait.
And thankfully it truly was, the sausages alone were enough to dispel all the inconvenience of delay. The rest of the breakfast was pretty fine also. The deliciously smoked bacon wasn't really to D's taste but MC and I fully appreciated it. The mushrooms were far from those flabby pallid fungi some lesser establishments serve up and were dark and delicious and I hear the tomatoes were pretty good also - if you like that sort of thing! Eager to discover their provenance we were informed that they were Arthur Howell's olde English and are sourced locally from Wells and Burnham Market. We all agreed that they are possibly the tastiest sausages we've ever had and the lure of these will definitely bring us back to the friendly tables of the Yurt nestling amongst the pick-your-own raspberries even if we have to wait a little while for the food. To compound the Yurt's deserved popularity we only just managed to secure a table reservation for dinner on Friday as the rest of the week is spoken for. It has made us think we should consider our options and secure all week's dining experiences.
After being well sated in the way only a full English can we headed off for Burnham Market. Not in search of the aforementioned stunning sausages I hasten to add but as I haven't yet been to the oft-called Chelsea-on-sea and as D and MC had regalled me about the pleasant Saturday afternoon they'd spent whilst I'd been first wrestling with a leak that had sprung in my bathroom and then with London Transport's cunning ploy to thwart the wary weekend traveller by closing lines and other skullduggery. But if course it's Sunday now and many of the intriguing browse-worthy shops have drawn their blinds for the traditional day of rest so we head forth for other adventures.

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