Monday, September 04, 2006

Bye bye bump!

Well the time has come to bid H's bump goodbye. The next time we see it; it'll be a fully-fledged little person not the 'half baked' bump we've grown so used to. So I guess we also have to say 'au revoir' to H also as she needs to attend to the little person for a while. Her request for the 'farewell' was afternoon tea and cakes at the Wolseley. Clearly an aspiring yummy mummy! It was a very fitting and elegant do and we can report that the Wolseley do exceedingly good cakes! And a damn fine finger sandwich also! But the scones had everyone in raptures. We had lashings of tea served not surprisingly in elegant silver teapots and complicated tea strainer contraptions that caught us out a few times. The crust less finger sandwiches, freshly baked fruit scones and little cakes were served on silver cake stands with a silver cloche lid. It transpires that you can't take photographs in the Wolseley but I slipped in a few before I was made aware of this! Though when we had problems getting some service I did consider firing off a few more flashes to see if I could provoke a waiter to come and attend. In the end a little word with the headwaiter seemed to do the trick (I didn't realise I was so scary!) and we had no end of attentive white-coated waiters winging our way!

We had an absolutely fabulous afternoon tea at Wolseley and they deserve two cake forks. And maybe H will now have to be a mummy who takes afternoon tea and not a lady who lunches - so much more elegant. Bye bye bump!

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