Friday, September 08, 2006

Don't Ask, actually Do Ask!

We ended up all having a lunch at Ask at Butler’s Wharf. It was just one of the impromptu Friday feelings that inspired us. H, the bump and I had planned a pre-birthday meal but I’d got a full day of appointments and hadn’t been sure I could make it. As it was I had to hot foot it to Ask and find a quick thing on the menu as they were just tucking into their pizzas and salads as I arrived. I ordered the Penne al Pollo della Casa which was an oven baked dish of seasoned chicken and mushrooms in a creamy sauce with melted cheese. Naturally I checked it for rogue tomatoes and was assured that I was safe. And it was a very tasty little dish to round off the week with. Next time I’d like to try the large ravioli filled with crayfish, crab, smoked salmon and mascarpone cheese which sounds rather yummy. Everyone seemed to be impressed with his or her pizzas. L and bump needed their egg cooked a little more to ensure it was bump-proof. H and bump and S and bump successfully found other suitably bump friendly meals. It certainly seemed that a bump is the accessory du jour! Though as fashionable as it is, personally I’ll stick top a little sparkly number from Chanel!

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