Saturday, September 09, 2006

Flying high with Virgin

Really the most exciting thing about finally getting on the flight (I know the English are supposed to like queuing, I think today we probably did enough to satisfy the most ardent queuer) was being able to finally reapply some lipstick and have a bottle of water. I know that may seem simple pleasures but the unfortunate but necessary extra current security when flying between the UK and the US means no liquids, creams, makeup, bottles of Evian etcetera and it was a relief to sit down and re-hydrate! As a child I could never eat on a flight, I found that I always felt nauseous at the first whiff of airline food. I discovered that it was mainly the cacophony of flavours that set me off, especially the unique flavour of milky coffee served from a vacuum flask. As soon as the first hint of coffee wafted towards me I would be unable to eat anything again until we’d landed. I eventually discovered that the best remedy was to eat a little of whatever was on offer and then I didn’t have to spend every flight with my head in a paper bag – a huge improvement!

I am fairly sure that airline food has improved over the years as well. The coffee certainly doesn’t seem to smell as foul. The only thing that generally gets me going now is when someone next to me has a Bloody Mary – it’s that tomato thing again! And on this flight, I could smell it’s distinctive odour from behind me (remember, tomatoes are evil!)

I wasn't too impressed by the cold pasta starter so ignored that but the hot pasta with chicken and a creamy sauce was okay. The beef being consumed by the man in the adjacent seat looked fine also but the highlight of the meal was the dessert. The dessert on flights can often be an ill judged affair and can often be smothered in an unnecessary mound of whipped cream that never looks great (at least to me) at the best of times but clearly has altitude problems. But this time, they have been redeemed; I had a little gü chocolate pot waiting for me, really the perfect size for the requisite chocolate injection! Well done Virgin, no whipped cream in sight.

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