Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Ready, Steady (Mother Hubbard) Cook!

If I’d thought ahead I would have scheduled an Ocado delivery to arrive after my return from New York – but I didn’t and the cupboards were seriously bare. So if I wanted to satiate my hunger I’d have to see what was still alive in the fridge. Normally I’d relish the challenge to whip up a hearty meal from a few disparate ingredients or leftovers but I would rather have tackled this challenge when not so jet-lagged.

But hunger prevailed. There’s always pasta and I found an unopened and not past its sell by date packet of dry cure smoked bacon, a pot of half fat crème fraîche, a lump of fine Parmesan and an rather ancient yet unopened jar of very good Harvey Nichols pesto.

Seems like a feast to me! And it was extremely tasty and definitely hit the spot!

Luckily my new Marks & Spencer Black Damask crockery turned up in the biggest ever box this morning which fortunately I was around to sign for and I thought it would be rude not to test it out. I think it’s a fine addition to the crockery collection.

I think Mother Hubbard would have been proud of me!

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