Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Little crispy shells of heaven

I am a chocolate evangelist! To continue my attempt of educating the masses about the therapeutic effect of the gorgeous Minstrels I figured that the meetings in the US would go so much smoothly if oiled with a few packets. Though I have discovered that Minstrels can suffer from jetlag. The ones in my carry-on bag were totally fine but the ones in the hold suffered from unfortunate chaffing. It didn't spoil the flavour, you could still just let the crispy shell melt deliciously on your tongue but the gloss had all but gone and DD complained that many were cracked.

But despite this small setback it seems after all my efforts, that many more are addicted to the little crispy shells of heaven. I even left a packet for Ryan as a thank you for such extensive comments on my blog! Galaxy Minstrels really should go global; I can vouch for world-wide appreciation! My work as a chocolate evangelist is done here!


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i agree! idea for an afternoon snack at the office! :D