Thursday, September 14, 2006


There are places all over the world that are just legends in their own right – the Viper Room in LA, Studio 54 formerly of New York and Harry’s Bar in Venice. These places just have a certain notoriety or special ambience that draws the ‘right’ people and hedonists, they flock to hang out, have a drink (maybe even a drink that was created there – Harry’s Bar Bellini, for example) and just feel they are in a home from home. You expect some over-sized comfortable chairs where you can sip your chosen cocktail or glass of something stronger or maybe just to watch the ‘beautiful people’ go by.

Now there’s a new “destination de jour” that’s mentioned in hushed tones, a place where you can try on sparkly jewellery (don’t ask!), tuck into a bowl of Minstrels or sip fine wine or maybe a Verve Clicquot. What is extra special about this place is that it was so exclusive and underground that it was only open for five days.

This place was 311 (aka Diva Mansions), it was a fleeting sanctuary for thirsty travellers from all over the world, it was a place where we could ponder whether one of us really had bodies buried in their allotment (sorry, they turned out to be turnips!) or compare stories and wonder if it is always necessary for procurement people to be just so pedantic and officious! You could also have your photo taken with a genuine diva and practice being a Bond villain. Where else could you do any of that?

311 – the place to be – albeit briefly, don’t forget where you heard it first!


DD said...

Oh J, what an exclusive club indeed! Such a success? Why on earth did we ever close it down?

We should re-open and make it mandatory that all revellers BYO chunky sparkly encrusted ring for all to share!



J said...

I totally agree, compulsory bling!
What the...?

Being a magpie in a former life, I think I may have the edge. In fact I think tiaras should be handed out on arrival to the exclusive 311!


DD said...

Fabulous - we could have Tiara Tuesdays...

And ring bling Fridays.

Champers anyone?