Saturday, September 02, 2006

The count is back!

I am able to count my visitors again – one visitor, ah ah ah... two visitors, ah ah ah… three hundred visitors, ah ah ah… If you want to know where my visitors are coming from (that would be M, then!) please click on the link showing the number at the bottom of the blog.

Happy counting!

This is Count Von Count - who was always my favourite Sesame Street character, he started my life long love of counting - and bats I suppose!

There were fifteen days where there was an absent count... but he's back!


DD said...

Dearest J, as an avid reader of this blog I was hoping there'd be an Oz flag flying and flapping high in the blog counter! Is this a convict conspiracy!? See you in 6 sleeps! DDx

J said...

Well rather mysteriously when you sign on DD, a little light goes on in Princeton! I did have some other visitors from Australia, but I had to reset the stats to get the counter working again. Hopefully a fellow Aussie will be a 'fork' fan and you'll see the flag flying again.
See you so incredibly soon - I'll be the one in black! Jxx

Pamela said...

I too loved the Count!!!

This is ONE great blog ONE! Arghhh hahahahhahahahhah.......