Friday, September 15, 2006

The final bite of the Big Apple

It’s still pouring with rain and all possible thoughts of a last minute Manhattan shopping expedition have gone out of the window as I hadn’t accessorised this outfit with an umbrella. K had organised an afternoon tea with another lovely client but after eating my body weight in lobster, I was seriously balking at the thought of the tiniest part of a crust less cucumber sandwich. Fortunately we couldn’t seem to find anywhere to partake of a jam scone and ended up in the bar “District” in the Muse Hotel where we didn’t need to consume anything more demanding that a nice glass of wine. Though S and I did manage a few mouthfuls of a shared Oreo cookie and mint ice cream refreshing dessert. This was a great idea because as much as I loved the lobster, I fancied something a little palate cleansing before I hit the roads for the airport.

Our client, B had bought along some really impressive photographs of a recent luxury Alaskan Cruise holiday, which has given me serious food for thought for a future trip, myself. They’d enjoyed helicopter rides, bear watching expeditions, a dog sled ride and even the opportunity to meet the husky puppies. They’d also, very importantly had some amazing food. I’d also coincidentally seen a travelogue in my hotel a few nights earlier on the very same holiday and had particularly enjoyed seeing behind the scenes operations involved in servicing such a cruise ship. I’d never considered before what would happen to all the rubbish and food waste created on board.

I thought this was my final bite of the Big Apple but I think New York got the last bite. A tiny sabre-toothed something took quite a few little bites out of my arm; I wonder if whatever it was will be reviewing their meal and how many forks will it give me? I’ll be keeping an eye out for “have fangs will travel”!

Bye bye Big Apple.

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