Wednesday, September 05, 2007

An upmarket Fishmarket

K and I were taking clients out to lunch and we didn’t seem to have a restaurant. I know, it's a tough life! I contacted a couple of places but this particular day to have lunch was very popular so I was pleased that I got a table for us all at Fishmarket. I haven’t been to Fishmarket before I liked the interior, tall ceilings with funky lights and chandeliers (I’m always a sucker for a chandelier) but swathed in nets maybe a nod to the fish theme? And having a penchant for photographing my food in a restaurant I do especially delight in a well lit place. There’s plenty on this temple to fish and seafood menu to tantalise (unless you don’t like fish that is) and I start with the Foie gras, leek and smoked Eel terrine. My terrine turns up in an elegant stained glass slice served with a squiggle of jammy plum sauce and toasted brioche. It was delicate tasty and very good.

My main was the Smoked Haddock and Salmon Fishcakes, horseradish sauce and I was delighted to see that there were spherical. I am not sure why this is particularly enchanting to me but it harks me back to the awesome spherical salmon fishcakes and lemon sauce that I had on my first visit to City Rhodes. These didn't disappoint. In fact they had a great taste and the horseradish sauce mingled beautifully with the creamed mash and spinach gratin accompaniments. Unfortunately time was against us again so dessert had to be skipped but the ones that were being whisked by us looked most interesting.
Two fishy forks for Fishmarket, I'd definitely like to check them out again when we haven't got to skedaddle.

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