Saturday, September 15, 2007

Gaucho by day

I’d promised LLcT that when he next came to visit me I’d ensure he would be inaugurated into the joys of a Gaucho Grill. And after a mooch around the town we sallied forth to sit outside one of the latest exponents to the Gaucho stable, I remember this one as the Canyon and a fine place to have brunch but that’s okay, I’ll just have to find new place for an Eggs Benedict.
Normally I never bother with a starter at Gaucho’s as the cheesy mist comes down on entry into one of their cow bedecked hostelries and I can’t think beyond their cheese bread. But for a change we order the eye-wateringly expensive SEAFOOD PLATTER which was grilled lobster tail and gambas served with herb aioli and lemon. There wasn’t really that much to go round and only four prawns (and nearly everyone in the world likes prawns more than me) so I just had a little morsel of lobster tail and concentrate on the cheese bread a herby oil. Here’s a first for me, a Gaucho by day so I could actually photograph the food and in sunshine as well.
Don't the rolls look rather scrummy?

I promised that I’d split a GAUCHO SAMPLER with LLcT which was “a taste of all four cuts of prime Argentine beef” and to supplement this as he really is the most solid of little carnivores we also had a spiral cut and marinated chorizo (sirloin) steak, me with béarnaise and LLcT with the chipotle sauce (which was hot). We also had the fat chips, naturally, and some healthy spinach as well.

The meat was rare (apart from E(D)’s), succulent and delicious but eating outside a Gaucho had uncovered an unexpected problem. It may have been wonderful to see our food, I could take vibrant photographs for the first time ever in a Gaucho establishment but we were slightly in the shade and we were absolutely frozen. We did consider asking for some more napkins, many more napkins and draping them around ourselves in a vain attempt to retain some heat. E(D) is always a little chilly even sometimes in the midday sun in Spain so she at least was prepared and had some sort of extra layer but if wasn’t really sufficient. When we’d finished our fabulous meat we decided to hotfoot it sharpish and have desserts somewhere else, anywhere else that was warmer and we left. It was still meatilicious though, maybe next time I'll wear thermals!


Anonymous said...

It was mediocre-ly meaty, with not enough meat,
LLcT xx

J said...

Hmmm but can anything really be meaty enough for you I wonder? Next time I think we'll just order a cow and a large knife so you can hack bits off at will!