Sunday, September 30, 2007

Half of the Baltic

I'm still so behind but finally I have been able to post my musings and photos from our Baltic cruise, well at least some of it. I’m still only half way through and have much more to write but I am determined to complete it and not just write “we have another nondescript soup followed by some meat with yet more carrots”. I do want to do everything justice.

So if you haven’t spotted them and caught up yet, click here for:

First night aboard,

A day cruising and informal dinner,

Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen,

A night at the Tivoli,

Another day at sea,

Stockholm’s Ice Bar,

More of that dreaded aspic,

Tallinn and the singing revolution,

Eggs and St Petersburg and

Marvellous Moscow.

Phew… half way there!

And then I've got to catch up with everything else I've done since then, ah well, one day at a time.

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