Friday, August 03, 2007

Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen

We have booked an excursion for this evening so we have the morning to explore on our own. We don’t have any Danish Krøner but we’re fairly sure we can find some fine emporiums to relieve us of some Euros instead. We hop on a bus and our perfect English speaking bus driver deposits us neatly in the centre square of Copenhagen and terribly conveniently next to Magasin du Nord which looked a perfect spot to start a little Danish retail therapy. I am very pleased to locate some new silicon whisks that I’ve struggled to find for some time. It seems that someone had decided that silicon whisks should be blue and I don’t do blue! These ones are silver and considerably more to my tastes. We also find some luscious table linens and masses of other fabulous table fripperies, I could have happily had so much of the Bodum, Georg Jensen, and Eva Solo delights wrapped up and sent home. If only I had the room! I was also rather struck by the Swedish company Orning & Reda’s magnificent stationery and found the perfect bag for my art supplies on the cruise. We also rind some perfect pink things for some little baby girls we know.

All this shopping has made us rather peckish to we go off in search of our next meal. We end up doing a full circle and choosing the restaurant looking over the square where we left our bus. Café a Porta has a light conservatory attached to their front so we can dine, people watch and enjoy the sun also. There’s a certain prevalence for herring on this menu, not my first choice but the smoked salmon and scrambled egg seemed a good bet. I adore scrambled egg and salmon, but we couldn’t have anticipated this sublime spanking fresh salmon with just a little scrambled egg spooned into the middle. Okay there was some unnecessary tomato slivers but this were swiftly dispatched on M’s plate.

We shared some tasty apple tart with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream. It just proves what they say – less is definitely more. Thank you Copenhagen we had a wonderful, wonderful day!

I thought that it would be a great idea in the style of How to be a Better Foodie, to collect some little gourmet treat from each of our destinations as a suitable souvenir. Though with regret, I realised I certainly couldn't collect items that I needed to keep fresh so I switched to something more portable, sadly not remotely edible but at least could live in my kitchen on my return. So I took the standard touristy route and plumped for fridge magnets, though my plan was collect the most tasteful I could. So here is the first, a little viking!

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