Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Excessive forking and extensive travelling

I have finally returned from bobbing around on the beautiful balmy sea enjoying a wonderful holiday cruising around the Northern Baltic cites and have many forking escapades to blog. And very remiss of me I know, but I also need to catch up on some fabulous eating from before I went away, it's just all eat, eat, eat at the moment!
I had hoped to catch up on the various exciting foodie events during my days at sea contemplating what to do with a drunken sailor but all that eating, sunbathing, enjoying sunsets and watching dancers in day-glo feathers miming tap-dancing (best not to ask!) doesn't happen by itself so no real blogging time.
Unfortunately I also have a steaming pile of work emails to address which have to take priority so all this catching up with my blog may take a little time.

As a taster of what I have to blog there was the best mash in the world, handbag-shaped little cakes, unnecessary aspic, eggs - lots of eggs (including very sparkly eggs), more of Jeremy's fabulousness, Russian caviar, the finest Scandinavian salmon, the largest mint leaves in the world, Gaucho's in the dark, a summery Sunday lunch and an over-reliance on carrots due to flooding.

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breadchick said...

Welcome home from what sounds like a quite lovely holiday. I can't wait to read about all the yummy food and "miming tap dancing"??!! OH, I have to know the story behind this one.