Sunday, August 05, 2007

Another day, another aspic!

Our all too brief visit to the glittering watery jewels of Scandinavia is over; it’s definitely given us the taste for future visits, though I probably won’t bother with the Tivoli Gardens next time. We enjoy a cocktail (believe it or not called the Love Boat) on deck and wave goodbye to Stockholm’s archipelago. We are heading towards Estonia which is a whole new exciting experience tomorrow as we have very little knowledge about Tallinn and Estonia other than them being an infamous English football team competitor and a new popular destination for Stag weekends.

Tonight we have a casual meal of Chicken Liver Mousse with Port Wine and Redcurrant Sauce. Oh no the dreaded aspic is back, though fortunately there is less of it this time! Followed by a bowl of Cream of Chicken Soup with Shredded Snow Peas.

For the main course I select Braised Gammon with Red Burgundy and Dijon Mustard Gravy, Croquette Potatoes and an Array of Vegetables.

And a dessert of with ice cream. P broke ranks and tried the Chocolate Sponge PuddingSugar Free Orange Bavarois with Whipped Cream.

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