Saturday, August 04, 2007

Presto pasta

Today was another day cruising. There was more sunbathing, reading, painting and just chilling to be done. I’d discovered the best way to tackle breakfast and lunch was to check out the chefs on the hot plates. For breakfast the lovely Oscar cooks a mean cheese and ham omelette and hot and to order. That’s my breakfast sorted out from now on, no more slightly rubbery eggs for me.

And for lunch there’s a fat joint of meat to have carved to order for you. This can be stuffed into a crusty roll, accompanied by the vegetable dishes on the buffet or Oscar is standing by his salad station ready to dress your choice of leaves. The pork we had today was really tasty and M had the roll and I looked to see if there was some of that scrummy mash or other vegetables to enjoy.

We even checked out the afternoon tea after our watercolour attempts and enjoyed a fruit scone and a nice cup of tea.

For the evening meal was had French Onion Soup, Parpadelle with Bacon and Peas in a creamy sauce with lots of Parmesan and a Chocolate Brownie with ice cream to finish, unfortunately I didn’t have time to make a note of the actual menu options tonight so my interpretations are less florid version of the ship’s menu writer’s usual version. The pasta suffered a little being prepared en masse and served a little distance from the plate. Not their finest I think!

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