Monday, December 18, 2006

Paradise at Paradiso?

Tonight was a farewell to our great leader so it wasn't about the food but Paradiso is not a restaurant I've visited before so I felt I had to pay attention to the food as well. And I think we did very well. C - our guest of honour is not fond of spicy elaborate food and therefore all the food tonight has been chosen with him in mind. We start off with some great shiny platters of canapés - smoked salmon triangles topped with fat salmon roe, grissini with cream cheese and Parma ham, balls of mozzarella wrapped in aubergine slices, sausages wrapped in bacon and some cherry tomato things I ignored.

The sausages seemed slightly incongruous amongst the other Italian fare, but a sausage is not to be sniffed at. After the nibbles and a few speeches it was the main buffet. We could choose between little pork chops, calamari, mushroom risotto, fat prawns, slices of breseola and salad. They even had a decent hunk of Parmesan grate over everything. I was very impressed with the quality. Okay, your plate would be somewhat of a mess if you said yes to everything but I made the change from your average buffet.

C's favourite dessert is a crème brulée and he was awarded an especially large one. We fortunately had more normal portions though I still struggled to finish it and had to assure the waitress that it was very nice but that I was full. Obviously all this dessert sharing I do means I can’t actually eat my own anymore. Hmmm maybe that’s why I love a little Gü chocolate pot; it’s just the perfect size and not too much of a challenge to finish off all by myself!

Paradiso is an interesting Italian restaurant; it seems so tucked away on Wapping High Street I wonder if it gets a lot of clientele. I would like to try it again under normal circumstances and see their versions of the Sicilian classics. Catering for a crowd must be a challenge especially when it’s not really a sit-down meal and they deserve a fine Sicilian fork for their efforts.

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