Saturday, December 30, 2006

Oooh, new crockery!

D and I acquired some magnificent new matt-black ‘Oregon’ crockery from the M&S sale in rain soaked Cambridge today and I think it showed off tonight’s meal very finely. D had been keeping an eye on this range of china for a while so it was an extra bonus that it was reduced in the sale. Result! I would have like to buy more but was cautioned on increasing my already burgeoning crockery collection and of course I still had to get it home!
First we had a little tasting plate of the Waitrose canapés though I was quite horrified to find the mini cheese burgers came already adulterated with a tomato relish! In the end I found the most tomato free mini buns and swapped them round to spare my taste buds. The other little British favourites canapés were better behaved, there was a miniature toad in the hole, teeny weeny bubble and squeak pattie and a diminutive cheese and onion pie. T said they were horrible but ate them all anyway! Not that he's contrary or anything.
We then had new black bowls of a very colourful salad - exceedingly vibrant rare thinly sliced beef fillet, silky torn mozzarella, crispy cubes of sautéed potatoes and vibrant green salad leaves doused with Belazu balsamic vinegar. Mmm, mmm, mmm!
The deep pink of the ever so rare beef went perfectly with the table runner and napkins as well, which clearly an important consideration when planing a meal!

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