Friday, December 22, 2006

I'll Be Home For Christmas

I’ve braved the inclement weather and crowded trains to venture home for Christmas. It was touch a go whether I’d make due to a ticket mishap (!) but despite tales from Heathrow being very dire and many planning to bed down for yet another night in the freezing fog, the train North was curiously trouble-free.

Everything is in pace from the Christmas consumption. The deliveries from Ocado and Sainsbury’s have been delivered. And shock horror, Ocado let us down (slightly) for the first time. They had no garlic or dried sage though curiously they had the fresh sage. I was able to grab some garlic en route and as for dried sage, I guess I need to dry a bit of my own!

We tucked into the crème fraîche and bacon tart (like the Tarte flambée d’Alsace I’m so fond of from Waitrose) with lovely lamb’s lettuce and Belazu balsamic vinegar eaten off M’s new damask crockery from M&S. There's also some new table runners and rather fabulous Christmas trees, with lights and glitter and diamantes and everything!
It seems the joy o
f table styling is contagious; all those “table linen and crockery is wonderful” subliminal messages I’ve been emitting have worked! Now hopefully people will realise why I am unnaturally attracted to placemats, coasters and plates.


Anonymous said...

J you are indeed entitled to some credit for my foray into new crockery and table settings. Having a table Diva in the family definitely gives one something to live up to. However, my main aim is to make setting a table for one more interesting and tempting. I know you will approve even though my beautiful plates will often be graced by goats' cheese and tomatos - potatoes and vegatables in minimulistic portions.
Thank you darling J for your culinery skills over the Christmas holiday.

Love M X

PS what have you done with my spell check!

J said...

Not guilty regarding your spell check, though I've never seen you make spelling mistakes before and it's weird! Perhaps I can give Sam some new duties!
My most favourite is TOMATOES, you see they ARE evil they make you misspell! Ha!
Love the new crockery, and the new placemats, and the new tree, and the new doors and the new bathroom.
See you in March - Paris in the spring I think!
Your diva Jx

Anonymous said...

Don't mock the afflicted. You know I can scarcely see the computer let alone what I type. I trust the errors are typing rather than spelling. However, I do note the rather interesting spelling of minimalistic. I need the spell check in my old age. Where is that magnifying thing you found on my computer and then proceeded to lose - has my spell check joined it?

Love from your visually bewildered M

J said...

Ummmm, magnifying thing - unfortunately currently invisible but there is a thing (technical term!) bottom right of your screen that should allow you to get a little enlargement on the proceedings.
And where is your errant spell check missing from? Word or somewhere else?
Spell check is nothing to do with age; I blame poor typing. I never learnt touch-typing like you and my fingers just can't spell! That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. You should see the chronic dyslexia that manifests when I type an instant message - ugh!