Sunday, December 24, 2006

The day after the night before...

Today is for leftovers. I don’t mind this as often something extremely tasty comes from re-imagining a previous meal. In fact I had set my heart on whipping up some bubble and squeak from the fabulous Brussels sprouts, pancetta and chestnuts but M was a little too keen in the clean up and they got black bagged before I could secure them. Shame!

First it was a little more of the yummy PIMM’S Winter drink. This was made with 3 parts apple juice, 1 part PIMM’s No.3 Winter warmed gently on the stove with a few slices of red apple (though apparently slices of orange is a good choice as well). Oooh I feel Christmassy already!

And then it was an M speciality – a meal of canapés! We polished off the remaining lobster, hot smoked salmon and prawn spoons and also the ever-lovely mini coquilles St. Jacques – both from M&S. The miniature scallops wasn’t strictly a leftover, as we hadn’t served them yesterday. But we did finish off with the cheese (finally) and more ginger chocolate pots.

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