Wednesday, December 20, 2006


I thought I'd try another bowl of the Waitrose cream of scallop soup with Parmesan croutons today. It really is rather good!

I've got some more on order with Ocado for the festive family frolics as one of the canapés. M is planning on supplementing her coffee cup collection with some new white elegant little recepticles and we'll serve miniature scallop soups topped with Parma ham crisps. I think I'll submerge the croutons as a little surprise. I saw the idea in the 'Waitrose Seasons Christmas' magazine and thought it would make a change from the normal nibbles. Not that they won't be totally wonderful also. There's going to be mini beef Wellingtons, truffle and wild mushrooms tartlets, scallop croustades (obviously I think you can never have too many scallops!) and various smoked salmon goodies. And that's just for starters! I hope eveyone will be hungry.

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